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Operation Preserver

The Next Step!

Operation Preserver is the natural next step for Project Volya, we are partnering with the International Center of Tactical Medicine, to provide high quality tactical medicine training, the perfect accompaniment to the tools we provide! The International Center of Tactical Medicine, founded by Dr. Oleksandr Khizhnyak, it is the first of its kind in Ukraine: volunteer tactical medical training school that exclusively teaches from the curriculum of the Defense Health Agency's Deployed Medicine program. Operation Preserver is the partnership between these two great organizations, where Ukrainian forces are provided with the highest standard possible of tactical medical training.

The Operation is Underway

Project Volya has supplied over $150,000 worth of medical gear to various units across Ukraine. With the help of partner volunteer organizations, we have already provided some training to go with those supplies. We know that the gear we offer are of no use unless our soldiers know exactly how to use them.

Together, We have already helped train over 800 Ukrainian soldiers in TCCC!

Below are a few examples:

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